This page is for Association members to advertise woodturning-related items for sale, and was last updated on 16th September 2018. For information on how to advertise on this page, please refer to the instructions at end.


How to place an advertisement
Details plus images should be e-mailed to:

Webmaster's email address.

Description checklist

  • A description of the items including the asking price.
  • Name, contact telephone number and location of seller.
  • The price of the items for sale.
  • Digital photographs of the items. Normally these should be JPG images although other formats are acceptable. Large photographs preferred which can then be scaled by the webmaster to fit the webpage.

Advertisers! Please remember to get in touch if you have sold your item, so that it can be removed from this page. Otherwise, your advertisement stays here for a maximum of three months after the date placed.